Where and how were the rooms established?

The rooms are in a cellar. Apart from the stairs leading down, you will not realise that you are not in a flat
We have a waiting room to welcome you, where you can help yourself some water
We have a bathroom should you need to use it


Who will give us instructions and answer our questions?

The quizmaster will give you all the information you need
He / she will answer any questions


What happens if we can not escape in 60 minutes?

From experience, most people forget about 90% of the tasks in a couple of days, so next time would be like a new challenge.


Can we ask for help during the game?

Yes, you can ask for help three times and we will direct you to the solution. We will not give you the exact answer, but give you instrucions and tips
Should you be stuck after the third occasion, the quizmaster can offer you further help based on his own judgement. Our aim is also for you to be successful.


Is one room easier than the other?

There is no beginner or advanced room. It is not possible to rank the rooms as it is down to the individual which tasks he / she finds easier or more complex.


Who is the game not recommended to?

People with epilepsy
People disposed to panic, claustrophobia or distress
Children under 12


Can disabled people take part in the game?

As the area is in a cellar, please let us know about any disability up front. We will do our best to find a solution so you can enjoy the game too.


Do we need any special clothing?

No, not at all. Wear anything you find comfortable. Even though the rooms are in a cellar, you will not get dirty


Can I use my mobile during the game?

Mobile phones or other forms of assistance are not allowed. We would like to ask you to silence, switch off or put your mobiles in flight mode before starting the game. We can see everything through the cameras. If you were to violate the house rules, we would have to stop the game straight away.